Winter Skills Stage 7

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Winter Skills - Stage 7 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I know how to plan and implement a simple but nutritious menu for a mobile winter camp.
    • Scouts can plan a menu that will meet the nutritional needs of growing youth in the cold.
    • The food can be easily transported using packs or on sleds, depending how the Scouts plan to carry gear.
  2. I know how to select an appropriate tent for winter camping.
    • Scouts can explain what makes a tent appropriate for winter camping (ventilation, snow load, overall stability).
  3. I have made a piece of winter camping or winter safety equipment.
    • Scouts can make a piece of winter camping or winter safety equipment, such as: snow goggles, ice recovery picks, snowshoes, adapted pulk sled for hauling winter gear, or freight toboggan).
  4. I have participated in a winter mobile expedition of at least three days (two nights).
    • Scouts can participate in a challenging winter day hike (back country, alpine) appropriate to their region.
    • Scouts can prepare the emergency plan for a winter day hike or overnight camp that takes into consideration local winter dangers such as avalanche, wet climate, wind chill, freezing rain, or other weather patterns that could lead to unsafe conditions for their Section.
    • Scouts can submit the plan to the Group Commissioner for approval with the Outdoor Activity Application.
  5. I have maintained my first aid certification.
    • Scouts can maintain standard first aid certification officially recognized by a reputable organization, such as St. John’s Ambulance, the Red Cross, or a local EMT provider.