Winter Skills Stage 8

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Winter Skills - Stage 8 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I can carry out repairs on gas-fuelled stoves in winter conditions.
    • Scouts can determine the causes of problems and conduct the necessary repairs to keep stoves running at camp in winter conditions.
  2. With a team, I have provided leadership for a one or two-night activity.
    • Scouts can provide a fun and safe overnight activity in the winter for younger Scouts.
    • Scouts can engage less-experienced youth in the Plan-Do-Review process.
  3. I have participated in a five-day (four-night) mobile winter expedition.
    • Scouts can participate in a five-day mobile expedition in winter.
    • Scouts can demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the risks and mitigating measures for the climatic conditions in a specific region during winter and can select the most appropriate equipment for an activity.
  4. I understand the risks and am able to implement appropriate safety procedures for camping in heated tents.
    • Scouts can demonstrate an understanding of the challenges and advantages of hot tenting and can describe the specific safety considerations in selecting equipment for this activity.
  5. I have wilderness first aid certifications appropriate for areas I am traveling in and the activities I am doing.
    • Scouts have the necessary qualifications and skills to provide first aid during an extended winter expedition.
    • Scouts can recognize and treat conditions common in winter conditions such as snow blindness, frostbite, hypothermia and carbon monoxide poisoning; furthermore, Scouts know how to prevent such medical conditions.