Wolf Head Turkey Neckbone Woggle

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From Chapter 10 - Crafts of the The Cub Leader's Handbook.


Wolf Head Woggles

Send home a note asking parents to save the bones found in turkey necks that they cook. Include instructions for boiling and drying the bones, and ask Cubs to bring them to the pack ready to be painted. When you’ve collected enough turkey bones for each Cub to make a woggle, hold a woggle-making night.


  • Turkey necks. Each yields six to ten bones. The larger the turkey, the more bones.
  • Black felt
  • Red felt
  • White or craft glue
  • Small beads with centre holes to thread onto a wire for the eyes
  • Black (or other colour, be creative!) spray paint
  • Fine coloured wire. The type found inside telephone cable is a good weight.

At home

  1. Boil turkey necks until you can easily remove all meat and cartilage from the bones. One neck has several separate pieces of bone, each of which looks remarkably like a wolf head. Rinse the bare bones with warm water.
  2. Spread the bones on newspaper, and set them in a warm place to dry for a day or two. Caution: choose a place out of reach of your pet dog or cat.

At one pack meeting

  1. Spray paint the bones black, and let them dry overnight. If necessary, apply another coat of paint, and let the bones dry.

With the pack

  1. Cut two small triangles of black felt; glue these onto the bones, making ears. Cut a small tongue from red felt, and glue into the mouth-like opening near the bottom of the bone.
  2. From the back of the bone, thread wire through the two eye holes. Slip the beads onto the wire, and feed the wire back through the holes to secure the eyes. Then form a wire loop at the back of the woggle, making it the size you need to hold your scarf in place. Reinforce the loop by coiling the wire around it until you have the thickness you like.

Slip the woggle onto your scarf, and show it off to your friends.